Cyber Audit & Compliance

Protect your Reputation and Brand

With the advent of the digital era came an abundance of data. In the 21st century, practically everyone in the globe creates, shares, and stores data across various devices or platforms as a matter of course. Since the advent of the Internet, technical advances have been made to gather data, organize it on a massive scale, and extract value from it. According to a new estimate, global digital data production will increase from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to an astounding 175 zettabytes in 2025!

However, along with the proliferation of information comes the issue of data theft and cyberattacks. For a firm to survive and develop, it must solve these issues while simultaneously strictly adhering to data compliance regulations. Complying with cybersecurity compliance and data privacy regulations in their respective sectors has become an urgent need for organizations throughout the world.

This is where IT businesses and specialists such as Shemitah come in. We specialize in developing data security and privacy technologies for enterprises. The first step is to conduct a cybersecurity audit and compliance analysis.

Shemitah Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Solution

What is a cybersecurity compliance audit and what does it involve?

A cybersecurity compliance audit analyses the data that a business stores, ensuring that it is secure from outside interference, but accessible to those who need access to it. We also ensure that it is stored in compliance with a wide range of regulations, which can often differ from country to country.

Shemitah’s cybersecurity audit and compliance solutions follow three simple mantras:

All of this takes place in conjunction with intelligent record-keeping through automated policies, in-place management, and pre-built data connectors to strengthen your control over your data.