Cloud Hosting

Your Apps in the Cloud

Running a business in a digital world is no easy feat. With technology constantly evolving, companies need to continually find better and more cost-effective ways of operating and growing to reach their goals. But keeping up with advances in technology often means spending more and more time and money in setting up, running and maintaining infrastructure.

Thankfully running on-premises hardware for your technology is not the only option available. Cloud hosting on Virtual Private Servers offers your business the opportunity to diversify your systems, upgrade your servers, and make use of world-class technology, all without needing to manage or maintain your own infrastructure. It’s a modern, effective, and economical solution for businesses of all sizes.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Think of your existing infrastructure – physical machines and servers with memory, CPU, storage space, and all of your software installed on them. Now imagine being able to easily access that software and storage securely from any machine, anywhere in the world. And, as an added bonus, imagine that the hardware for your servers does not even need to be stored on-premises. This is cloud hosting.

With cloud server hosting, your business software, apps, data and website can be stored on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), managed and maintained by a cloud service provider like Shemitah. You don’t need to worry about setup, upkeep and maintenance – it is all handled on your behalf.

Instead of relying on a single physical server in your office to manage your business operations, your data will be stored on multiple interconnected cloud servers spread around the country to ensure that your services remain online even in the event of an outage, or a singular server failure. Since your RAM, CPU, backups, and other critical data are hosted on the cloud, when an outage does occur, new cloud hosting servers can be activated, and backups can be restored in a few minutes — ensuring almost zero downtime.

While cloud hosting services can be accessed from any machine, the components that your VPS uses are entirely separate from your device’s memory and processing capacity. This makes cloud hosting perfect for testing new apps and systems without disturbing your existing hardware or processes.

How does cloud hosting work?

When you choose to invest in cloud-based server hosting and use a VPS, you are paying for components such as memory, CPU, and disk space on a server in a data centre. Your services will run alongside other virtual machines that companies have commissioned on the same server.

You have complete authority as a business to assign your VPS the resources that you need, and can quickly and easily upgrade your components as your business’ demands increase. Once you deploy a VPS, you will be able to access it securely from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers are located in Africa’s largest data centre and are connected with all major Internet exchanges and multiple network providers. With our cloud hosting in South Africa, you do not have to worry about redundancy.
The servers only use solid state drives (SSDs). This ensures that your applications and data are accessible at lightning speed.
The cloud hosting solutions we provide are scalable. That means you can upgrade our downgrade your components to suit your growing business demands.
Some cloud solutions oversell their servers, leading to resources being unavailable when businesses need them most. To prevent this from happening, we have strict regulations in place to ensure that your VPS will always receive the full resources allocated to it.
In cloud hosting, every website or business is isolated. While your VPS may be on the same physical server as another business’, there will not be any interference from any other resources or data hosted on the same platform. We have a dedicated team to ensure high security is and remains uncompromised, making us one of the top cloud hosting companies worldwide.
Monthly snapshots of your VPS server are taken free of charge. This ensures that your services are backed up in the unlikely event of a system failure, error, or power outage.
Cloud hosting is easy and hassle-free to set up. Our experts will guide you throughout the process and ensure that the migration is hiccup-free.
Whether you prefer to use a Windows or Linux server, or even if you want to run both simultaneously, our VPS solutions aren’t restricted to a single operating system.