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Get 100% Worry Free,

Web Hosting

Shemitah offers fast, reliable and secure web hosting. Your website deserves the best web hosting from one of the leading web hosting companies in South Africa.

  • Expert hosting support available 24/7/365

  • Superior performance and load times

  • Guaranteed 99,9% uptime

Managed VPS Hosting

For Corporates, SOEs & Municipalities with websites that run resource-intensive applications, use a lot of bandwidth or sell products online

VPS Hosting Options

(Standard RAM)

1 vCPU w/Managed Support

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Dedicated team of experts to fully manage your server

2 vCPU w/Managed Support

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Dedicated team of experts to fully manage your server

4 vCPU w/Managed Support

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • Dedicated team of experts to fully manage your server

8 vCPU w/Managed Support

  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD Storage
  • Dedicated team of experts to fully manage your server

Plus, our Fully Managed VPS Hosting comes with many useful services — included in the package:

  • Set up your server
  • DNS setup/configuration
  • Email client setup
  • HTTP/2 server configuration
  • Package management
  • PHP module installation
  • PHP version upgrade
  • FTP client setup

  • SQL Server Express install
  • Site migration

  • SSL installations

  • WordPress install

Shared Web Hosting

For Individuals and SMEs looking to establish a professional online presence

Shared Hosting Options

(Linux Hosting)


  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 5 Databases
  • 25 Mailboxes
  • 25 Email Aliases
  • 10 Multiple Domains


  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 10 Databases
  • 50 Mailboxes
  • 50 Email Aliases
  • 20 Multiple Domains


  • 15 GB Disk Space
  • 20 Databases
  • 100 Mailboxes
  • 100 Email Aliases
  • 50 Multiple Domains


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 40 Databases
  • 500 Mailboxes
  • 500 Email Aliases
  • 75 Multiple Domains

All shared web hosting packages include

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • monthly contracts

  • unlimited traffic

  • spam filtering

  • Webmail
  • cPanel

  • popular CMS’s supported

  • WordPress easy install

  • full SSD infrastructure
  • 24/7 technical support

  • PHP 7 & MySQL

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL

  • DDoS protection

  • malware detection

  • payment options

  • backups

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with my Website Hosting Package?2020-04-25T11:35:24+02:00

The Website Hosting Package will give you everything you need to host your personal or company website.

All hosting plans include the Award Winning website hosting control panel called cPanel. cPanel will allow you to manage all aspects of your website hosting package from the creating of email accounts, managing databases, backing up your website and viewing of your website statistics. Don’t worry if you get stuck, our support staff are always on hand to assist.

Which Web Hosting package is right for me?2020-04-25T11:34:17+02:00

If you are a home user wanting a personal website, then BASIC Hosting Plan should be suitable for your needs.
If you are a small business looking to host your company website with email addresses, the STANDARD or ADVANCED Hosting Plans should be suitable for your business needs.
If you are looking to host directories, e-commerce websites or forums, then the ADVANCED or MASTER plans should be suitable for your needs.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my hosting package later?2020-04-25T11:37:38+02:00

Certainly, we allow you a great deal of flexibility. You can upgrade or downgrade your website hosting package at any time. You may simply do it yourself or call us if you require assistance. For cancellations, you’ll need to provide us with a calendar month’s notice